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Why OiX Bio?

Blockchain is safer than most of the traditional methods that it proposes to replace. It is a lucrative market where many have found their fortunes. However, just like any precious commodity, it is subject to being misplaced, lost or stolen. Just google “bitcoin stolen”!!

While we can do little about someone misplacing their private key or simply leaving their laptop full of bitcoin in a restroom, we can do something about it being stolen. We can help you take it off-line in such a manner that only you can open the safe it is locked away in.

Our OiX Bio with its ground breaking biometric lock is your peace of mind. While it is impossible to price tag on your peace of mind, we plan to put one and it will be the best investment you have made (after your $50 Bitcoin).

This is our pitch for our wallet. This is a pitch that will resonate with many who are reading about their coins being stolen and wallets being hacked. Even exchanges are getting hacked with ease.

We believe the market is ripe for growth and our products are just what the market demands today.

OiX Bio and its mobile application supports Transport Layer Security (TLS v1.0, TLS v1.1, and TLS v1.2, which supports both AES 128 and SHA-2) and DTLS. We have left no stones unturned to bring safety in focus.

Wallet Recovery

One of the common concerns that we have in the blockchain wallets is the loss of a private key, a device and the subsequent recovery of the wallet. We have the first working product where the wallets, when lost, can be restored. In order to do this you have to pair the device with our Mobile app and take an encrypted backup of the private key. The private key leaves the wallet in an encrypted form so, there is no real loss of security here. In order to recover that private key you have to pair the new Yelo one device with the installed app and use the same passcode to open the wallet as you did earlier. This will ensure that you get your wallet back in your Yelo one wallet.

This pairing is done via bluetooth secure connection and it is compatible with any mobile device running our mobile app.

You can still lose your wallet but for that to happen, you have to lose both the wallet and your mobile phone at once.

With such firs tin the market feature, we are sure that the demand for our crypto wallet will be high and that we will be tackle much bigger competition like Trezor and Ledger with ease. In order to maximize sales and profit for our investors and stakeholders we are not leaving any stone unturned.

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