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OiX makes it easy to buy Ripple Ready to Transact in 3 steps - Register - Fund - Trade

Why is it easy to buy Ripple on OiX?

  • It takes away the need to be conversant with the blockchain technology. The buying and selling is as easy as making an e-commerce transaction.
  • It is a secured transaction, and your ripple coins are safe. You are the master of your wallet - no one else.
  • You can buy Ripple (XRP) by paying in Ether (ETH).
  • Trading with your local currency coming soon (where allowed by the government).
  • You can own ripple, a currency being adopted by most banks in the world, in just three steps.

1-2-3 - Three steps to the future

Verify Your ID

The basic premise of OiX is disclosure. You can trade with us as soon as you finish the KYC process.

Buy Ripple

Transfer ether (ETH) from your wallet to the OiX Wallet. OiX will transfer your XRP to your recently created Ripple Wallet in no time. It is as simple as that.

Buy or Sell Orders

You can instruct us to buy XRP when the prices hit a certain level, or sell your token if prices hit a certain level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is buying Ripple a good idea?

In 2017, Ripple’s price surged over 3,733%. While Ripple is busy revolutionizing the ways in which we transfer money, and receive payments, you can own a part of the future. Soon, Ripple will change the ways in which we bank and conduct business around the globe.

What is the process to buy ripple on Open Investment Exchange?

Once you join OiX you will be asked to complete the KYC as per the government laws. As soon as the KYC is approved, we will create your Ripple wallet. When you deposit ETH in the OiX account, your Ripple wallet will be deposited the exact number of XRP you bought. There is no complicated method to follow, just three simple steps to buy ripple.

Do you have any question?

feel free to contact us!