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OIX Secure. Vigilant. Resilient.

OiX positions itself as preeminent public market for those new tokens that have the long term vision to go compliant

OiX is a next-generation blockchain optimized exchange designed for mainstream adoption. The Open Investment Exchange (OiX) is a fully compliant, self-regulated token-trading platform that enables a utility and securities token trading infrastructure. This is the model, we believe, that will bring blockchain start-ups into the mainstream and help them get the recognition and success that they deserve. There is a cloud of uncertainty around the many ICOs that are being announced. Our platform will enable them to become completely compliant from the start with as little effort as possible, allowing them to be better placed to ride out the changes that will be introduced by changing regulations. The project is as future-proof as it can be in this early stage, when regulations have not yet been established to bring ICOs into the mainstream by turning them into IPO. Ours is a common sense proposal based on blockchain technology.



OiX Global

Who We Are

OiX is a venture with over 100 years of collective experience just in the core team, working in various spheres at the highest levels.

OiX Global

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the next-generation super exchange that drives the ICOs of the future with full compliance and scalability.

OiX Global

Our Reach

We are currently operational in three countries and plan to expand our footprint across the globe.

Provides deep, liquid pools of capital.

Leverages existing investors on the platform.

Creates heightened profile, visibility, and credibility.

Formalises and conforms the business to similar old-world practices (IPO).

Allows founders to retain control.

Oix Global Features

Creates new opportunities and access to new markets.

Offers a secondary market for trading tokens.

Includes provisions for future changes in regulations.

Taps into a diverse and international institutional investor base.

OiX Wallet

OiX Wallet

We are coming up with our own Cold storage wallet that is independent of any Internet connection and therefore cannot be hacked remotely. One important feature that OiX Wallet has is Biometrics. This is almost impermeable security that will make your tokens safe. A sturdy design and robust architecture make this a winner.The wallet will be available for bigger investors for no charges and even smaller investors can get it for a nominal price. With biometric security, this will be a product that will give a greater security to the investors.

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OiX Global Schedule Trading

OiX is Different - In a Good Way

OiX is a little different in the way we approach our job. Our Job is to give you a robust interface and keep your investment secure.

OiX Global Mobile Apps


We have our mobile apps on both Android as well as iOS. It is convenient and secure.

OiX Global Secure Storage Hardware Wallet


Yes we do keep majority of our coins in an offline wallet/vault but we also take cutting technology in security and make it work for you.

OiX Global Schedule Trading


Do you want to buy when the price of a token goes below a threshold? You can do it. This and many more automated tools to maximise your profit.